What is API Key?

API keys are the plugin licence key. We call it API Key for short.

How to install and activate my API Key?

Once you have made your order, the new product API Key will be displayed on the thank-you page.
If you skipped it, don’t worry, you can also find it under “My account” > “API Keys”.

Once you have the API Key, install the plugin, go to your setting > [plugin name activation] > API Key, enter your API Key and save changes. You can also see the activation status under my API Key page.

What to do when my license key expires?

Our API key usually has a valid time of 365 days (one year). You can find your API Keys expiration day on your account page under expires. Once expired, the old key will no more be valid and will not display in your API Key panel.
To renew your API key, please follow “how to install and activate my API Key.”

I want to use the key on another site. What should I do?

Go to the setting > [plugin name activation] > API Key Deactivation
Check “Deactivate API Key” and hit Save Changes.
This will remove the current saved API Key that is in use. Alternatively, you can also go to your account page > API Keys and delete your activation.